Accumar was incorporated in 1988 from a partnership that began building cable lifts for high-bank waterfront owners in the early 1980s. The shop's main business was yacht design and construction, with the occasional tram system, worked into the schedule. Eventually, the cable lifts and track lifts became the primary focus.

Accumar designs, builds, and fabricates most of the mechanical components used in the cable and track lift systems from scratch, including the gondolas, hoists, gate interlocks, speed governors, safety brakes, control systems, and structural steel. Woodwork is also done in-house to finish cars and prefabricate decks.

Accumar designs its components in-house, combining them with standard electrical and mechanical components, creating a lift system that works efficiently, reliably, and safely. Every cable and track lift is handcrafted and custom-built to suit individual situations.

Accumar is a proud member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors.