High Bank Elevators are designed to be a space-efficient, one-of-a-kind way to access your property with minimal environmental impact. Our innovative lifts only require two major anchoring points: one at the top of your property and one at the bottom. Our engineers will work closely with you to design and install a cable lift that blends seamlessly into your home’s landscape.

How long will my elevator last?+

Cable Lifts require less repair and significantly longer shelf-life than wooden staircases and other hillside tram systems. The cable design keeps the system elevated over the landscape, which allows for the natural shifting of the terrain without impacting the lifespan of the lift.

Is this new technology?+

We have been safely installing cable lift systems for decades. Our designs are tested, tried, and true, and have been successfully installed in a variety of locations. Based on the same systems as indoor elevators, our outdoor elevators are well-established technology.

What kind of maintenance is needed?+

High Bank Elevators are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions and are generally low maintenance, usually requiring servicing only once or twice a year. Our certified elevator technicians are available for yearly maintenance visits and all other service requests.